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EU LCS Week 1 Recap: New Players, Same Teams

After an offseason that felt like it lasted forever, the EU LCS resumed this weekend. Six series in however, and we've yet to see a single upset. Everyone's favorite stars are looking as strong as ever. Origen 0 -...

Our Favorites for the ELEAGUE Major

The ELEAGUE Major has just begun. The era of parity in 2016 has carried over into the New Year and it is still nearly impossible to predict a winner. There was nearly a month of inactivity from the end...
Dota Slark Counter

Dota 2: How to Deal with Slark

Is there any hero more feared in average skill pub games than Slark? For a long time, this hero has attracted early picks and bans, and you're probably familiar with that helpless feeling of creeping away from the safety of...
Spring Split Featured Image

Spring Split: Preseason Power Rankings

North America's League of Legends offseason may have been the wildest to date. We saw NBA  investors, Korean stars sailing in, the return of Dignitas, and plenty of players migrating as organizations assembled lineups to compete in the NA LCS....
LCK Featured Image

Ten Games of LCK: Metagame Analysis

Season 7 is Finally Here The LCS begins today, but pro play in Korea (LCK) has already started up. Thus far, the LCK has had 10 games between 4 teams, and the Korean metagame is shaping up in the new 10-ban...

League of Legends Patch 7.1: Clear-Cutting the Jungle

After a near month of waiting and probably a bunch of hungover employee meetings, Riot has finally resumed its patch cycle with the release of Patch 7.1, the first of 2017. In short: 'ADC in 2017' is still an...
Counter Logic Gaming at ELEAGUE

The Slow Death of Counter Logic Gaming

For parts of 2015, Counter Logic Gaming was arguably the best team in NA. They had consistent role players around some potential stars, and got good results. Going into 2016, the team was not making much progress. Throughout 2016...
NA LCS Summer 2015 Week

It’s Almost LCS Time: Five Important Questions

There’s still plenty of dust to settle as the offseason comes to a close, but the North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS) is right around the corner. At the tail end of an offseason headlined by high...
Talent Trees

Who Has the Best Talent Tree?

Now that we've all had a chance to play around with Dota's latest patch, with all its shrines and map changes, it's time to take a closer look at the newly introduced Talent Trees. Hero Talent Trees have proved to be...

Does Dota’s Ranked System Need an Overhaul?

Of all the issues Valve constantly receives complaints about with Dota 2, the game's ranked system has got to be the number one problem. While Dota remains incredibly popular and the MMR system, as we know it, has been...
Sniper is a terrifying opponent in mid.

The Mid Lane Shuffle: Dota 7.01

With the release of 7.01 balancing out the huge gameplay overhaul that 7.00 brought with some well placed tweaks, it's time to take a look at the meta in some real depth. What better way to start than checking the customary...
Monkey King likes his lanes like he likes his coffee: dominated.

Is the Monkey King Overpowered?

It's time to take a look at Dota's newest addition: the Monkey King. Patch 7.00 brought a whole host of changes, and it will be a while before the Monkey King is added to Captain's Mode and competitive play, but...